About Greenacres

Founded in 1912, the Greenacres Neighborhood Association is an organization of civic-minded volunteers working to foster neighborliness and cooperation among the Greenacres community. To this end, we strive to host a variety of community events throughout the year and provide information to our membership from the Village, the School District and other community groups. We also provide Greenacres residents with a Town Hall meeting, where they can listen to Village and School District leaders and ask questions. 

As the largest neighborhood association in Scarsdale, the GNA represents the entire area serving Greenacres Elementary School. We work to improve safety through better traffic control and pedestrian lighting, beautify our streets and cultivate a sense of community through social events.

History: Greenacres Tales

The ‘Greenacres Tales: Building a Scarsdale Neighborhood’ documentary film by Scarsdale Historical Society explores the people, places and events that shaped the formation of Greenacres. It features a few current and former GNA board members.


In the early 1900s, Greenacres was viewed as separated from the heart of Scarsdale Village by Fox Meadow estates, which at the time was held as a single property. Greenacres was perceived as an extension of White Plains Holdings, and Greenacres residents looked to White Plains as their neighbors. White Plains tried unsuccessfully to annex Greenacres twice, first in 1909 and again two years later. Upon the second attempt by White Plains to annex Greenacres, property owners organized the Greenacres Neighborhood Association to help protect their interests.

The Greenacres Neighborhood Association is the second oldest in Scarsdale; Heathcote’s was founded in 1904. It wasn’t until 1946 that the Greenacres and other Scarsdale neighborhood associations were formally recognized by the Village for their role in helping select village officials by participating in nonpartisan nominations. The GNA today still plays an important role in the nominating process.

GNA Centennial 

In 2012, the Greenacres Neighborhood Association celebrated its centenial with a presentation highlighting the history of Greenacres and accomplishments of the GNA.



Since its founding, the Greenacres Neighborhood Association has made numerous efforts to develop the neighborhood with its citizens, for its citizens. Around 1915, the only police protection available was a watchman hired by the GNA. It also subsidized the Volunteer Fire Company of Hartsdale to serve Greenacres in emergencies. In 1923, the GNA supported the new Zoning Act, which formalized the foundation and guidelines used to preserve the semi-rural nature of the community. Postal delivery in Greenacres was made possible in 1926 in part because of the association’s persistence. 

Over the years, the GNA has sponsored programs for young people, including a Boy Scout troop and recreation program, on which the Village modeled its current recreation program. With the help of the association, groups of Greenacres neighbors acquired plots of land to be preserved as open spaces, including George Field Park, Red Maple Swamp, and plots on Brite Avenue, Brewster Road, Oakstwain Road and Rugby Road.

The GNA has initiated several projects and responded to concerns over neighborhood safety and improvement. Recent projects include traffic island beautification on Greenacres Avenue, Fenimore Street lighting, repair of the Ridgecrest East steps, storm water mitigation and, working with the Greenacres PTA, the renovation of the basketball hoops at the Greenacres field. In 2012, the GNA dedicated trees at the public safety building and Greenacres Elementary School in honor of its centennial celebration.

Welcome to Greenacres Handbook

The Welcome to Greenacres handbook from 1974 includes history of the neighborhood and houses including the accomplishments and function of the Association.

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