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Board Members

Name Position Street Name

Kristen Zakierski President Greenacres Avenue
Lauren Easton Vice President Claremont Road
Daniel Volpi Treasurer Huntington Avenue
Cynthia Crowe Secretary Brewster Road
Sharon Chesler Membership Brewster Road

Andrew Sereysky Past President Walworth Avenue

Barry Meiselman Past President Post Road

Anna Smith Board Member Brewster Road

Deena Rosenthal Board Member Post Road

David Schwartz Board Member Oakstwain Road

Hill Tse Board Member Brook Lane

Laura Fratt Board Member Fenimore Road

Matt Chesler Board Member Brewster Road

Michelle Lichtenberg Board Member Greenacres Avenue

Ralph Geer Board Member Greenacres Avenue

Renu Lalwani Board Member Greenacres Avenue

Sharon Booth Board Member Windmill Lane

The Greenacres Neighborhood Association is the largest of the 17 neighborhood organizations throughout Scarsdale, each representing our community needs. We help to keep our almost 1,000 Greenacres households informed about Village and School District programs, projects and activities.   

We encourage you to get more involved in this vibrant organization by becoming a member, participating in our events or taking a leadership position within the Greenacres Neighborhood Association. 

Please contact us at if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or would like to get more involved.